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My Dividing Line
Attorney-Assisted Divorce Services
You know you want a divorce, but you are not sure where to begin. My Dividing Line provides a quicker and easier process for those seeking a simplified, no-nonsense alternative to the traditional divorce process.

  Setting Boundaries and Creating Solutions

My Dividing Line is an attorney assisted divorce service. (Services Page) Our firm provides a family law attorney to work with you through the divorce process for a flat rate instead of paying by the hour. (Pricing Page)

When going through a divorce, it can feel like you have everything at stake. Whether that includes your children, home, finances, or all of the above— how can you prevent the divorce process from dragging on and on? And how can you be sure that everything is processed correctly?

Instead of having your lawyer and your spouse’s duke it out at top cost (and often for ridiculously extended periods of time), My Dividing Line offers affordable, streamlined solutions for promptly settling your divorce. And unlike documentation preparation services, paralegals and un-licensed divorce “specialists,” we consist of Family Law Attorneys.


Recognizing that each divorce has its own individual challenges, we customize our services to fit your unique situation. You end up with support and custody rights, an agreement to dissolve your property division, and a finalization of your divorce.


By simplifying the legal process of divorce, we provide you with faster, painless and economical divorce resolutions that allow you to move forward with the peace of mind you are seeking, at minimal cost.

  Begin your new life and call us today — there’s no pressure, and no obligation.
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