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If you and your spouse have an agreement, or with a brief consultation from us you can reach an agreement, you will be eligible for the Document Preparation Service without the need of mediation. Our service includes the following:
Consultation with an Attorney as to the best way to structure your agreement.
Preparation of the divorce Petition, and related forms to dissolve your marriage. (We can also prepare a Petition for Legal Separation so that your marital status stays intact, but your property and support rights can be handled separately.)
You will be identified as your own attorney on the Petition, and will be considered “self-represented,” but we will process all of the paperwork on your behalf.
Advise as to your duties under the law to provide financial disclosures to your spouse.
Obtain your financial disclosures from you, which will include your having the option of working with our staff to complete your financial disclosures to make it as easy as possible for you to meet this requirement under California Law.
Prepare and serve your financial disclosures - - - but you will provide to us the specific financial disclosures and information to include in your disclosures.
Filing with the Court the required form to show that you have completed the financial disclosure requirement.
Preparation of your agreement to include a resolution of your marital status; your property rights; and your support rights. You will have an opportunity to review your agreement with your spouse, and make modifications to the agreement, which should occur within three rounds of revisions to the agreement.
Your agreement will be structured and reviewed by an attorney with whom you can discuss the provisions that are available to be included.
If your agreement includes custody and support regarding your children, we will provide you with guidance on appropriate child support guidelines and the custody provisions to include a holiday and regular visitation schedule.
Filing with the Court your judgment for divorce, and following up with the Court to make sure that it gets processed and completed.
  Package Price When You Do Not Have Children:   $1,350.00 Flat Fee*
  Package Price When You Have Children:   $1,850.00 Flat Fee*

Payment Terms

1. Fifty percent (50%) of the package price is due upon the execution of a retainer agreement accepting the terms and conditions. The 50% deposit is non-refundable, and a flat rate. Work cannot be performed until receipt of the deposit.

2. Any additional fees, such as filing fees, service fee and other agreed-upon costs, must be paid by you prior to the event happening. For example, prior to our filing the Petition, you will need to pay the filing fee; prior to our serving the Petition (if necessary), you will need to pay the fee for service.

3. The balance of your fee is due prior to, and in exchange for, you receiving the first draft of the settlement agreement. Upon payment, the fee is non-refundable and a flat rate.


*Additional Pricing Information.

1. The package prices listed above do not include a filing fee that the Court requires you to pay in order to file the Petition. Currently, the filing fee is $435. We will ask that you make a check made payable directly to the Court.

2. If your spouse files paperwork in response to the petition that we file, he/she will have to pay $435 for his/her paperwork. However, if the matter is resolved by an agreement, he/she does not need to file a Response, and therefore, when we process the final judgment, the Court will require you to pay an additional filing fee of $435. This fee will need to be paid directly by you to the Court.

3. The standard pricing presumes that the responding spouse will be accepting service of the Petition by mail, and signing a document entitled “Notice of Acknowledgment and Receipt,” indicating that he/she is accepting the service by mail. If your spouse does not accept service, there will be an additional fee to a process server to have your spouse served.

4. The consultation described in the package price above is an initial consultation with an attorney that generally lasts 60 minutes and then throughout the process to assist in achieving your goals. If more extensive consultation is required than what is included in the standard package, you will always have the option to schedule that consultation on a pay-as-you-go, hourly rate.

5. The package prices listed above do not include the preparation of deeds to transfer real property or documents to transfer your other assets, such as retirement plans, insurance beneficiaries, etc.

  Litigation and Being Represented by a Lawyer is Always an Option. . . .
  If at some point during your process, it is clear that you are not able to amicably resolve your case with your spouse, and desire legal representation, the same attorneys with whom you work will be able to represent you in litigation (provided there is no conflict with the firm and your spouse). The fees associated with the litigation will be the subject of a separate retainer agreement that will contain the fees, and scope of services. However, the same attorneys will represent you and will already know your situation so you will not have to start from scratch.
  If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement between the two of you and you need the assistance of a mediator, we can provide Mediation Services that can be done on per hour or package pricing, to be discussed with the firm.

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