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130 North Brand Boulevard
Suite 200
Glendale, California 91203

Phone: (818) 545-9797
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My Dividing Line is owned and operated by lawyers who exclusively practice Family Law litigation. After years of taking cases to Court, which have cost tens of thousands of dollars, we came up with a process to help families keep more of their hard earned money for themselves, rather than paying their lawyers. We have also seen countless times when parties choose to hire paralegals to prepare their paperwork, but because of the numerous errors that paralegals can make, it takes twice as long to get the paperwork through the Court system.

We are dedicated to providing quality work consistent with what we do in our own family law litigation practice but provide that service at a low-cost, flat rate. The lead attorney, Noelle M. Halaby is a certified Family Law Specialist, certified by the State Bar of California.


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