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130 North Brand Boulevard
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Glendale, California 91203

Phone: (818) 545-9797
My Dividing Line recognizes that each divorce has its own challenges, so we customize our services to fit your unique situation. However, we help you simplify the process, and in the end — you pay a lot less than if you litigated.

  Our services include:

Document preparation services
These services are for those who can reach an agreement with their spouse and want to make it legal. We will walk you through the paperwork and give you the advice you need. Since we are actual attorneys who practice family law, we are aware of the common legal pitfalls many spouses fall into, and we know how to avoid them.

Mediation Services
When you do not yet have an agreement established with your spouse but you both want to stay out of litigation — we can provide the services of an attorney or a mediator for you and your spouse. The mediator will guide you to a prompt and viable settlement, and with minimal conflict.

And just in case...

If either of the above approaches falls through at any point, the same lawyers who were preparing your documents (not if mediation occurs) are available to represent you in litigation. So instead of starting from scratch with another firm, you can continue to move forward quickly and confidently with attorneys who are already familiar with your situation.

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